Sales & Marketing Strategy

Analyse Your Market

Benchmarking & analysis have neve been so important. We will provide a full analysis of your destination, your competitors and your environment to make better decisions.

✓ Destination analysis
✓ Competitors analysis
✓ COVID context
✓ USPs

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Define Your Guest Profile

Understanding your guests & and your market is essential. In parallel with a Yield Management Analysis we will deliver key insights into your marketing personas.

✓ Core strengths per market/persona
✓ Customers habits
✓ Markets expectations

Create Your Sales & Marketing Plan

We will design a full Sales & Marketing Plan that covers every topic you need to operate your property.

✓ Distribution strategy
✓ Offers & package creation
✓ Websites and booking engine optimisations
✓ Communication plan (messages, channels, budgets)
✓ Planning
✓ Budgets

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